Entrepreneur School with Kelly Sinclair: Momentum Framework

I absolutely love talking to entrepreneurs. Before I became one myself, I had so much respect for anyone who would work so hard to pursue their own passion.

Then I became an entrepreneur and I learned it’s even harder than it looks.

I believe one of the keys to happiness in life is being able to do something you’re passionate about. And when you can find work that is meaningful, you will feel more joy. We spend an average of ⅓ of our lives working, so it’s critical that you spend that time intentionally making an impact doing what you love.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting! The possibilities for you are endless. You can have everything you want and more.

Today I’m going to share with you a simple framework that will show you the ONE thing you need to do in order to get the results you most desire. These results could be anything – only working 20 hours a week, having long vacations, never working weekends, or maybe getting out and speaking with big groups – whatever it is.

How to get the results you want in your business

In 2017, I designed my own business cards and went to a networking event. With that one simple action, I started a business! 

When you first start your business, you want everything to happen so fast. You want results, and you want them yesterday!

I get it, and I’m just as impatient as you (probably more). So I want to share with you today about what I call The KS Momentum Framework which breaks down how to get results in your business.

The framework starts with feeling connected, doing ‘the thing’, and getting your results. Sounds pretty simple eh? Well let’s break it down backwards; starting with the goals and results you desire.

Part 3: Get Results

When it comes to results, it’s important to start here because you need to kind of know what the end game is, what you’re where you’re trying to get to in order to figure out what you need to do in order to get there.

Now, everyone’s results are subjective and unique to you and your circumstances, so it’s important to take a moment to think about what this means to you.

These days, a lot of the time people measure success with how much money you have in your bank account, or how high up the social ladder you have climbed, but I’d like to change your attitude towards what it means to get results.

Success in and of itself is not the destination. It’s a journey. And every small step along the way, every small win is part of the journey and is just as important as the “results” you are striving for.

In order to get any results, you need to take action.

Part 2: Take Action

This is the part where you DO THE THING!

Nothing happens when nothing happens, right? We know that to be true. So in order to get where you want to be, it’s important that something is done about it; a plan needs to be put into place to get where you want. 

But the difficult thing is, sometimes it’s hard to define exactly what you need to do in order to “be successful” and sometimes, success comes out of nowhere. This is why it’s important to be taking action every day, towards your goals, to further your business, etc. because with action comes reactions, and reactions; big or small, are those small steps closer to the end result.

So, you don’t really know if the one small action that you take today or tomorrow is going to be your big break. What if your story ends up being that you sent an email to that person who ended up being a huge client, or a referral partner or a connection who introduced you to someone else you needed to meet that took you to your next level. Or you went to an event and met somebody that changed your life. 

Sometimes we put “life-changing events” on a pedestal. Like only huge things can create that kind of result. But it’s not true. While I’ve had big things happen to change my life, I’ve also had dozens of small things that did.

So, if it’s that simple, why aren’t more people doing it? Why aren’t YOU doing it?

It’s your fear, and what you’re telling yourself/not telling yourself.

You’re afraid of what will happen if you fail. You’re also afraid of what will happen if you succeed. You feel like an imposter. You feel unqualified to do what you’re trying to do.

We all feel that way, and some days more than others.

So here’s the one question you need to ask: what’s the worst that could happen?

Next time you’re hesitating about taking an action, ask yourself that.

Part 1: Feeling connected

Feeling connected to your purpose helps motivate you and drives you to take action.

When you know that you’re doing work that feels in alignment for you, that feels like your calling, and when you’re using your gifts (when you know your brand), you will feel way more confident to take action.

Feeling connected to your purpose, and your business’s purpose is what is going to keep you going even when times are tough. So I want you to think for a moment about why exactly you are doing this. What is it all for? When you can come back to this central purpose, it will become the reason you show up every day, and work your butt off.

Feeling connected is a critical part of creating momentum. When you feel like you’ve lost momentum, reconnect with your why. This fuels your action and creates results.

So to recap the KS Momentum Framework, the steps are: Feel connected, Do the thing, Get results.

The core theme here is action. But what actions should you take? There truly are so many types of things you can do that will move your business forward, but since I’m a brand and marketing strategist, I like to focus on things that help create visibility for your business.

How to get visibility for your business

Visibility is a result that comes from taking actions within the three categories of what I call the Visibility Trifecta: Branding, Marketing and PR.

Branding is who you are, marketing is how you talk about it, and PR is building relationships.

Let’s unpack that a bit more.


I want to start with PR because I actually have a degree in it. This is one of the most underutilized strategies when it comes to growing your business. We all know we need to do marketing, but how is PR different? It’s all about relationships. Who do you need to create relationships with that can support your goals? How can you give back to others and create mutually beneficial relationships?

Whereas with marketing, you tend to only think about your ideal client and the person who might buy from you, PR is where you think about strategic partnerships and unique ways to get in front of your ideal audience.


Marketing is a whole overwhelming area where there are thousands of ways that you can promote your business. You don’t have to do them all! You can’t! And, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or a single strategy that is guaranteed to work for your unique business. The most important thing is knowing who your audience is and choosing marketing tools that could actually reach them. Then be consistent about it.


Branding is mostly internal work because you need clarity about who you are and who you’re for so that you can create messaging that communicates your brand well. If you don’t know your brand, you don’t know who you’re talking to or what you should say, so any marketing or PR effort is going to be very challenging. That’s why you feel like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall.

As much as possible, the actions you take in these categories should be externally facing. They need to involve another person. When you enroll someone else in your journey, you create additional accountability for yourself to follow through.

For example, you are posting on social media for your audience, sending an email, going to an event, publishing a video, getting on a sales call, or taking a prospective client for lunch.

Non-examples include reading a book, taking a course, downloading another freebie from the Internet, doing secondary research, and making plans. These things can all be helpful, but they aren’t external, so they don’t create the same kind of momentum for you.

So I want to challenge you to start today! What action are you going to take today that will reignite your momentum in your business so you can start getting results faster?

Here’s an option for you: You’re invited to join the 100 day visibility challenge 

The 100 Day Visibility Challenge is for solopreneurs with service-based businesses, who want to get a consistent stream of clients, feel confident talking about your business, online and offline, and become known for what you do — without wasting time on social media, getting overwhelmed by the number of marketing tools out there, or being bogged down with creating new content every day.

I know that you became an entrepreneur to do the thing your business does, not to become a marketing specialist.

The reality is without putting yourself out there and marketing your business, you’ll continue to struggle. 

You know that you should be creating new content every day, but you feel frustrated by the lack of engagement. You know that you should be implementing what you’ve learned, but learning takes so much time. You know you should be spreading the word about your business, but don’t know what to say.

You just end up overthinking everything and doing nothing and you just keep spinning your tires…

That’s why I created this challenge.

It’s your personal guide to taking just one small action a day for 100 days that will lead to your next business breakthrough.  (no marketing degree required!) You will achieve the visibility you desire while simultaneously building your confidence to create true momentum for your business.

The best part is you can do it all in less than 30 minutes per day and you can join the challenge for only $27!

So, if you’re ready to go from learning to DOING. To stop consuming and start creating. And, shift from being behind the scenes to confidently stepping into the spotlight for your dream business, this challenge is for you.

It took me two years and 100 Facebook live streams to learn an important lesson: It’s not the thing you do. It’s not the platform or the tool. It’s about taking bold action regularly so that you can develop your confidence and competence which leads to landing way more clients.

So inside the challenge, you will receive an interactive calendar with your customizable action plan for exactly what you can do over the course of 100 days. There is no guessing. I have listed over 100 actions covering all three of the visibility categories.

You will also get a momentum tracker to keep track of what actions you’re taking so that you can see your progress along the way.

And I have several bonuses inside as well, including 200 customizable social media templates, 52 content ideas, a confidence masterclass, and an interview with 7-figure influence, Angie Lee.

The total value of this whole challenge is $452, but again it’s only $27

Here is a link here for you to click to register now!

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