Entrepreneur School with Charlotte Petit Noble

This week on Entrepreneur School, we welcome Charlotte Petit Noble, founder of Peppy Profit Place, about how your energy impacts your business results and what to do to (re)align your marketing effort for unlimited growth and attraction.

Charlotte specializes in empowering, teaching, and helping conscious entrepreneurs to tap into their unique creative flow and intuition to create extraordinary businesses, increase their impact, and ultimately profit effortlessly by only using strategies that are energetically aligned with themselves and their audience.

Charlotte helps business owners and entrepreneurs lead with love and intuition, trust more, worry less; and tap into full alignment to level up.

I am originally from France. You can tell from my probably big strong accent, which for a long time I thought was a weakness. But it’s a strength. It’s always the way you switch to see it, and I choose to see it as a strength. I studied my career in Paris. I was doing a lot of online marketing for a beautiful fashion magazine. Marie Claire was dealing with the partnership, and it was an amazing experience. Two years after I started my career, my boyfriend, now husband told me, “Hey, I have that massive opportunity to go to Los Angeles. Would you like to join?” And I said, “I don’t speak English, let’s do it.”

I couldn’t align 2 words. I was barely saying hello and I was so shy to say hello to someone. It was just like not speaking at all. So, I took intensive English classes. I even took acting classes so that I could get over my shyness of talking and step into that full American dream, right? 

It took ten months of intense intensity. This is because the goal was to be hired by a big corporation here and keep moving up the marketing ladder. It didn’t happen this way because I didn’t have a work visa, so I created my own company in France and worked with international people doing online marketing and it was amazing. I had a blast, but I got bored, and I decided out of the blue to become a hairstylist. 

Yes, you can have many lives in just one lifetime, and I became a hair stylist for a couple of years and it was a great experience. But I realized that I was more passionate about building my clientele online without doing the hair. It was a great experience for my hair. I had all colours of my hair, and it was fun. But I was so much more interested in having people and getting my clientele. I was also very interested in teaching others how to do hair. It was not like I had a lot of experience, but I was already teaching. I realized that I was there was something about teaching that like fired me up inside. I decided to combine everything and in 2020 right after COVID started, I decided to launch my very first online coaching program. I had massive success and enrolled 10 people in a month. I had amazing, tremendous results, and I kept moving on. Doing all these things and just “doing.” I was “doing” so much, I barely saw my son who was one year old, and looked so small. 

My husband was not even my husband at this point. I was just “doing” because that’s all that I was taught. It was like doing to have the blog. Have a social media presence and send emails. Do, Do, Do. And one morning. I woke up with hives everywhere. Giant urticaria. I couldn’t even touch myself. I lost a few pounds more I was like. The look of me was sick like it’s you see me. It was just like my body was just telling me like you need to stop darling because next time it won’t be like hives. It would be like probably something more serious. So, you either listen now and stop being a human doing machine or next time you don’t know what you’re going to get. 

I went to the doctor and the doctor said, “No more jumping on the bed.” I’m kidding, the doctor said that the hives can last for eight months. I couldn’t handle eight months. I couldn’t focus. I decided to take the opposite path of what everybody else was telling me to do, which is to take medicines and do this and do that. Let’s do it like the Eastern way. I changed everything. I changed the way I ate. I changed the way I processed the business. I closed my laptop, meditated five times a day, walked barefoot on the grass, reconnected with my husband, reconnected with my son, spending like time watching him grow. 

If you have the time, right? Well, you should make time for that because it’s the most amazing thing to do and you learn so much from them. Believe it or not, in five days the hives completely disappeared. And I haven’t had any more ever since that day since I changed the way I was running my business, and I changed the way I was present in my life and that day I become a human being because I stopped doing all these things that were not necessarily important at that time. I made the business evolve with my learning and with my experience to the point where now there is a strategy. 

Yes, you still need to do something. It’s I call it manifest action because you still need to take action, right? But when you play with the energy around you and when you align. With your energy and with the energy of your audience, suddenly it becomes like a massive momentum, and you start to flow and to attract out of the blue. You manifest that with your energy, and I started to attract even more and that was my key. Everybody should know about this because we’re hearing so many things from society and we’re like completely locked into a vision that is not even 360. It’s just like, BOOM you need to do that because everybody else is. It didn’t work for me and doesn’t work for a lot of people. Guess what? What you see on social media, it’s not true. It’s not always true. You only see the twenty percent of people who have made it, but you don’t see the other 80% who are like struggling to embrace who they are and really like step fully into their full potential. So that’s where I come to do that work. The work that I do, energy and marketing energy and business growth and tapping into the quantum field, the energy field to like manifest what you want.

Manifesting what you want

In the 3-D World, you create following the rule of cause and effect > I will be successful when I have ten more clients.

In the quantum field, you create by thinking and feeling and being successful first > I feel successful, so I attract more of this into my life.

There is no right or wrong way to create. However, one takes longer than the other. One is painful. The other one is effortless and enjoyable.

Which one are you going to choose? Below is a graphic to explain how creation from the quantum field works.

When entrepreneurs feel stress, guilt, unworthiness, shame, lack, impatience, competitiveness, and need to control everything, it’s because their second and third energy centers are not in synergy anymore. There are not balanced anymore which creates tension as the energy gets stuck.

To release […] placing your attention to these centers and sending light, love, and peace will help the energy to flow. By intentionally helping (visualizing) the energy to flow up toward the brain and keeping pushing it out of your head engaging your breath and muscles, you start to unlock the knots and become more conscious.

Guided meditation


Energy by marketing equals exponential growth, and so we’re going to enter the energy lab together today. The first stop that we’re going to make, and I want to, I want you to learn that if there is something that you need to know about energy or your center and there are two centers that entrepreneurs must be aware of. The first center is the one just after the root center. I’m not a chakra expert, but I’m very interested in the energy center and the energy center. The first one that we want to focus on is just below the navel. And the second one is the solar plexus just above the navel. Those two centers, or where guilt, shame, pain, worthiness, lack and victimization. That’s where that energy that negative energy is stuck. And on the above, under the solar plexus is all everything about competition, control, and passion. So, when you feel jealousy when you feel you’re not enough, it’s either you have energy stuck below the navel or until your solar plexus is above the navel. So, the first thing that I want to invite you to do is. Let’s just like you know, unlock that energy that might be. Just stuck right now, so I’m going to invite you to close your eyes with me. We’re going to breathe together and I’m going to share with you a breathing technique that will help you unlock and stock those two energy centers. When the energy is stuck so you can be, you can stay seated. Take three big deep breaths together. Once you breathe in, I will ask you to contract your lower abs and contract your upper abs. And push the energy up towards the prana tube, which is to follow your spine up into your brain and hold at the top and when it’s at the top I want you to experience the energy like pushing, pushing out of your brain, and when I will say release, the energy will be just like. Go around you onto your roots and we will do that several times for each center so. First round, we’re just going to breathe together, so let’s close your eyes. And let’s take that first big breathing together.

All that detail for the count of five.

Release, drop the shoulders, release the tension. The stress releases. 

Repeat these three or four times.

I want you to focus your attention on that first energy center that I told you about, the one that is just below your navel. Focus is like having your inner sight focusing on that energy center. Imagine an orange bowl around that energy center and just, you know, focus on it. I want you to send some love to that energy center. I want you to send some gratitude, some lights, some orange lights. Some beautiful light towards that energy center right below your navel. I want you to focus even more on it and really like fill the space that the energy center occupies inside your body. I want you to feel the space that the energy center just occupies in the room. Even where you are standing or sitting right now. Just fill the space as well around that energy center. Remember when you place your attention the energy flow. So, when you want to heal some part of your body you have to place your attention on that specific part. So right now, as we are unlocking and stocking the energy. Here to release the guilt, worthiness, scarcity mindset, and victimization, we place our energy right onto that center. And when you have a good sense of it, I’m going to invite you to take a big deep breath, but I want you to contract all your muscles and focus on the vision. The energy from that center goes up to the pranic tube towards your brain. 

Breathe in, contract your abs, and lower halves and focus on the vision that energy just like us throw putting up towards your brain and pushing it. Push it, push it, push it, push it. Again, again as if you want to come out of your head and release. And on vision, the energy turning around you are plugging back onto your roots. Let’s do those two more times. Breathe in, contract your abs, contract your upper halves and envision that energy flowing through your spine following your spine up to your brain and pushing it. Push it as. If it wants to get out of your head. And release. 

The energy like an apple is going back around you towards the roots and we’re going to do that one more time for that energy center. So, let’s have a big deep breath in. Contracting your lower head and upper head on visioning that energy flowing towards your spine, towards your brain, and pushing that energy. Top of your head, at least as it wants to get out. Push it, push it, push it. And release. I invite you to just like move around a little bit if you feel like it. Before we focus on that second energy center your solar plexus. Which is the yellow light, the yellow energy center that controls. The control, competition, and patience ego. So, let’s focus our energy on our solar plexus right now. Send it love. Send it light. Be grateful for all the signals that that energy center is giving you. And we’re going to do the same exercise. We’re going to breathe in, envisioning that energy going up through our brain, and release it at the end. So let’s breathe in together. Contract your head, or perhaps push that energy up towards your brain, push it, push it, push it, push it as it wants to come out. And release. Let’s do those two more times. 

Take a big breath in and contract your head. The lower head-on vision is that energy going towards your brain following your pranic tube and pushing it when it’s at the top of your head. Push it, push it as the energy wants to get out. Again, hold it, hold it. You can do it. And release. And we’re going to do it one more time. Redeem contract that lower halves, upper house and envision that energy going up towards your brain. That lights your brain and pushes it. Once you’re up, push it, push it, push it, and hold it even more. Hold it.

Hold it.

And release. Slowly but surely my friends I want you to go back to your body and your room and just like feel your body and feel your senses. Just feel it. How do you feel right now? Take a few seconds to just like assess how you feel. And when you are ready. You can open your eyes. And come back to the room. 

Creation is working for everything that you do, and of course, we focus on the business side. But this is how it all works. So the number one thing that you have is an ID. You start with an ID that is. Hopefully routed to your vision, right? It’s rooted in your vision, so you have that fabulous idea that business ID, whatever that ID, is a sought from that ID. You’re going to develop some emotion, so your ID makes you feel a certain way, either elevating low vibe emotion. From that emotion, you will want to make a choice right from how you feel. You will choose to act, react, or enact. And from that choice, you will then behave either by taking an action by reacting to a situation or by simply don’t move forward. From that behaviour, you’re going to get some results. You’ll behaviour creates result or lack result. You are responsible for your result. You always are responsible for your results. But when you. Know where that comes from the sought and then the emotion and the choice that you make. You understand that if you want to change your result then you need to change your thought, your emotion, and the choice that you make. And as soon as you understand that as soon as you pick up on that. The idea is that if I want to turn something into my business, maybe I need to make different choices. Then you pick up and expand new ideas into a new set of thoughts. Listen, you can either like stay in the loop of the vicious cycle when you’re low, vibe vibration, low vibe energy and so you have low vibe, salt, low vibe emotion you react or not act and so you have a lack of result. But at any time, you can enter the pattern and send you.

How marketing and energy work side by side

From an energetic level, all marketing strategies have a frequency. All strategies broadcast a unique frequency that will attract different people. When your message is about increasing profits, you won’t resonate with people who are tuned in to the frequency of attracting leads. An aligned strategy broadcasts an uplifted frequency that displays a coherent message. A misaligned strategy broadcasts a lower frequency that carries an incoherent message. The reason why you don’t attract your soul clients is either because you are incoherent with the message you share, or you are missing the emotional aspect of it. This causes the energy field around your marketing (and yourself) to shrink. Your message will not expand and reach a new level of high. To capture (attract) the attention of your next soul client, you must change their emotional state of being – doing so authentically and ethically means that you plug into their frequency and broadcast a dear message that comes from a place of love, empowerment, joy, and light. 

The frequency of your strategy will either attract or repulse your soul clients. In the real world, you will either end up serving the right audience or wasting your time with the wrong one. Knowing where you stand and what makes you vibrate at a higher level will save you time, money, and energy – marketing effort and stress. Lowering the frequency of your message creates incoherence. Don’t try to copy someone’s strategy because they don’t operate at the same frequency as you do, and what is aligned for them may not be for you.

Remember to surrender, repeat, and just receive. You know the number of people who were completely not receiving what is right in front of them. It’s like you asking for more money. And you find a penny on the floor, but you don’t pay attention to it. Just say thank you universe. It’s still more money than yesterday, right? When someone wants to offer you a cup of coffee, don’t be the first one to say no. I’m going to pay. You are sending the universe a message that you don’t want to receive. Guess what? If you don’t want to receive it, it’s going to stop giving to you. It’s something that you have to work on daily, like receiving a compliment.

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