the visibility revolution

If you find yourself saying “I need to put myself out there more” or “I need to be more visible” or “I don’t know how to promote myself.” THIS IS YOUR GUIDE!

This program is a digital course meets visibility challenge!

Build out all the assets you need for consistent visibility (a content strategy, lead magnet and visibility toolbox) while implementing your very own Visibility Tour (plug and play style)!

The Visibility Revolution is your roadmap to T-Swift level visibility so you can create epic momentum and set your business up to bring in leads that turn into your best clients (in only 60 days). 


Say goodbye to the stress of feeling like you have to spend ALL of your time on social, trying to be on all the platforms or following someone else’s rules.

This tool is the busy mom’s secret marketing weapon for content creation so you can still cart your kids around to activities, pack lunches and maybe even get to spin class!

Welcome to the EASY BUTTON for content creation AKA – the only content system you’ll ever need again!

brand message mastery

Go from chasing business and saying yes to everyone, to magnetically attracting perfect-fit clients you are confident about helping.

Brand Message Mastery is your roadmap to building a brand that feels so authentically you that marketing becomes easy and effortless. You’ll be so excited about what you’re building, have incredible clarity about who it’s for and be able to confidently share your message that makes you stand out and attract your dream clients.

Marketing on purpose

Confidently create your custom marketing plan, and never hesitate about where to market your business again!

You know that marketing is a critical part of growing your business, but you don’t know whether you should spend your time on Instagram, advertising, getting on podcasts or something else!

This is your crash course in marketing (you can watch it in under an hour) so you can determine what marketing tools to use to reach your target market that will work for your unique business. You’re tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall and you want to know how to choose the right marketing tactics for your specific business and industry.


Here’s what other entrepreneurs like you say: 

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“I knew I had something great to share with the world, but I was struggling to package and communicate it. I didn’t know how to define who I wanted to speak to. My biggest takeaway was really marrying who I am and the service I want to provide to the world with who my ideal client is, and realizing they are integral to each other.”

 – Chelsea K

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