What’s a Brand Strategy?

Have you ever heard the phrase Brand Strategy before and thought ‘that sounds fancy, I have no idea what that means?’ Well, I want to break that down for you because I must admit, I think it’s a jargon-y sounding phrase that makes brand strategists sound fancy, but it can also intimidate people. I want to tell you what a brand strategy is, why you need it, and where to get started.

Brand strategy is the foundation of all marketing.

Brand strategy is the core of what I help people create. The first piece of it is ‘what is it?’ I have a framework that I break down as far as ‘what does a brand strategy entail?‘ and it includes things like…

  • Understanding what your brand is all about
  • Who you really are
  • What are your values?
  • Why do you care about what you’re doing?

Getting clear on who your ideal clients are is also important. If you’ve heard me talk before, it’s not about how you turn the people in front of you into clients, but how you find people who are compatible with what you offer and can benefit from the service that you provide. It’s also about compatibility in terms of your personality, your style, and similar beliefs. We all want to work with people who share some of our philosophies and beliefs about life because that’s what makes it easier to feel connected and supported. That’s what a coach is all about, and when you have a client who is on board with you, it’s a dream.

Defining your ideal client is a really important piece of your brand strategy because that helps you create the next piece which is your MESSAGE; What are you talking about? How do you talk about it in a way that attracts those dream clients to work with you, that connects with them and gets inside their head, that uncovers and explains what their challenges are, and helps paint a picture for them of this future they could have if you help them solve the problem that they have?

That’s where the messaging comes in.

In addition to messaging, you must have something to message. You must have an offer. What are you selling? How does that fit into the puzzle? If your offers don’t align with your ideal clients, that’s an issue. Get clear on what your offer suite looks like and have the right offers. Don’t offer too much, that way you can be clear when you’re communicating when building your message and sharing it. Find the right platforms to reach the audience that you’re trying to reach. Choose marketing tools that are going to help you further your mission rather than using whatever shiny new marketing trend is happening.

I get asked. a lot, “where should I market my business?” It depends on your brand, your message, your ideal clients and where they are. You must create consistency and momentum within the few places that you might show up, whether that’s networking events, social media, weekly live videos etc. There is not just ONE solution to marketing. Whatever it is, for you, that’s going to help you grow and reach your goals.

Why do you need a brand strategy?

Brand strategy is the foundation of all marketing. You need to have a plan, know what you’re talking about, be confident in your brand, what it’s all about, and who you’re trying to reach. That is so important. When you’re communicating, marketing, and reaching out, always think about who you’re talking to and use language and a platform that’s going to help you reach those people. In addition to being able to map out your whole marketing plan with a brand strategy, it also supports confidence and momentum. Clarity is power. Being clear about who you are, who you serve, what you’re all about, who you’re for, and what you’re going to say, allows you to easily show up and serve and do your thing to do the marketing.

Clarity is power. Being clear about who you are, who you serve, what you’re all about, who you’re for, and what you’re going to say, allows you to easily show up and serve and do your thing to do the marketing.

If you’ve ever sat down to write out your content plan and find yourself stuck, ask yourself  “Who am I talking to? What am I talking about?” The whole idea of positioning yourself as an expert in your field, sharing your knowledge, and showing up gets easier every single week. When you get consistent, that consistency creates confidence because the more you talk about the thing that you’re great at, the thing that you do, and why you care about it, the more you feel it. I believe that that transfers into an energetic vibrancy lift. That’s what people want to work with. Yes, you’ll have to show a few of your credentials at times but at the end of the day, if someone’s going to work with you, they’re working with YOU. They’re here for YOU, what makes YOU different, and how YOU make them feel.

Where and how do I get started?

Having a brand strategy in place, at the end of the day, is to help you build momentum. One of the biggest pieces of that is connecting with your why. When you’re connected with why you’re doing what you’re doing, when you’re connected with your purpose and who you’re trying to serve, the difference you’re trying to make in the world, that’s what keeps you showing up. That’s what helps you do your thing, and push through the hard stuff. That’s what helps you get through the rejection, the imposter syndrome and the fears and all the things that come along with entrepreneurship that don’t go away.

You NEED that connection to your why.

The next time you question yourself, think about why you’re doing this. Once you have your answer, great, ask yourself why. Then keep asking yourself that question, seven times if need be. Why is that important? What’s the answer? Why is that important? What’s the answer. Why is that important? Then focus on that ‘Why?’ the next time you don’t feel like showing up.

Why are you doing it? Why are you showing up? Why do I keep showing up for you every single week? Because I know that somebody is going to take something away from this. That’s going to make them feel more motivated to move forward in their passion and run their business around something that they truly love to do. I think that that uplifts the entire world because more people are happier. That’s my ‘Why?’; to make the world happier.

If you want to chat more about Brand Strategy, I would love to have a discovery call with you!