This week on Entrepreneur School, my guest is Jennifer Lyall, an Intuitive Business Coach, helping entrepreneurs tap into their instinct and unlock their unclouded intuition.  

Today, Jennifer will be introducing us to intuition and how we can utilize our intuition to steer us in the right direction as entrepreneurs. She will also be sharing her story of how she discovered intuition and the insight it gave her into her entrepreneurial journey.

When it comes to entrepreneurial decision-making your intuition can be an extremely powerful tool. Today Jennifer will be walking us through how to listen to your intuition, balance the logical mind with your gut instinct and make decisions with confidence.

How did I find intuition? Let’s start with a bit of background. I started my business in 2008, focusing on healthy living. I kickstarted my business with podcasts. But I soon ran into a problem: I didn’t believe in myself. 

I came to a point where I didn’t see the results of the business that I wanted. I was confused. I have a Bachelor of Commerce and a background in marketing. Why am I not successful? I was stuck.

But there was a pivotal moment in my life that changed everything. It was an early morning in March of 2010. I had a moment of awakening. I don’t know what or who influenced me, but at that moment I allowed myself to surrender. Something clicked.

I started to let go of the control, and the pushing, that I had relied on this whole time because it wasn’t working. And then the world opened up for me. I discovered meditation and automatic writing, but the tool that helped me the most was the pendulum.

I went to a gem show. When I arrived, I set out to go where my heart took me. I surrendered. And once I did, I received a sort of message or thought. My intuition was telling me to go to the washroom. So I did, and a booth caught my attention. It was the Canadian Society of Dowsers, dowsing being the practice of the pendulum.

I met this woman at the booth who taught me how she used the pendulum to channel energy and receive intuitive decisions.

That day I was given a rose quartz stone and some wire and I made my very first pendulum. It took me a whole year between meditation and using my pendulum to detach, surrender to, and trust my intuition.

What is Intuition?

Your intuition is your ability to tap into a different type of knowing. It is the gut feeling pulling you towards a decision.

Your intuition is, however, different from your conscience.

Your conscience shouts, here’s what you should do.

While your intuition whispers, here’s what you could do.

Intuition is the small whisper from your heart, your soul, that pulls you towards your true desires, unclouded by the conditioning of expectation you have been subject to your whole life.

Most people bring their intuition into their business to make big decisions.

Jeff Bezos says all of my best decisions in business and life have been made with heart and intuition, not analysis.

When you can decide with analysis, you should use your intuition. But it turns out that in life, your most important decisions are always made with instinct, intuition and heart.

Steve Jobs in his biography, said intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect.

Oprah says she trusts her intuition too. She says you cannot hear the still small voice of your intuition if you allow the noise of the world to drown it out.

Many hugely successful people have built enormous businesses with intuition as their foundation. They use their instincts to guide them to success.

It takes a lot of practice and trust to detach yourself from all the programming from the people around you and truly listen to your inner intuition. You must find this place of neutrality, free from what the media has told you, the government, your teachers, your family and friends; this is where you will find that inner voice. The inner voice that inspired you to start your business in the first place.

Oftentimes that voice, as Oprah said, the Still small voice is just a whisper.

So you have to Be able to stop Long enough To hear it and then have the courage to trust it. Especially when it’s taking you to crazy places. I thought I was going crazy as I went down the rabbit hole of this spiritual Wonderland Because I was so used to controlling everything.


We have three brains. Our intuitive brain, our emotional brain, and our logical brain. Most of the time we get so caught up in our logical brain because that’s what we’re taught from a young age. We are taught to shut down our emotions: go to your room, stop crying, get over it, etc. Growing up, we are so disconnected from our emotions. We must trust them and have the courage to follow them.

You must be able to have that moment of surrender where you can listen to your heart, your emotions, your intuition and make that big decision; that leap forward.

For every entrepreneur, it is so important to have that intuitive instinct and to believe in yourself. Listening to that small whisper in your heart and trusting it will allow you to have confidence in yourself and your decisions.

Intuitive decision-making

So now that we can find that place, that voice, within ourselves that can steer us in a direction that is unclouded by other people’s ideas of success, we can start to implement it into our business decision-making. 

What exactly is intuitive decision-making? Intuitive decision-making is where you hone in on your six senses, listen to them, and trust them.

The first type of this intuitive decision-making is clairaudience. This is where you hear intuitively. This usually comes in the form of messages that pop into your head. For example, when I had this pull towards “go to the washroom.” 

Another form of this is a certain word that jumps out at you in conversation. A certain topic or word that holds this extra energy behind it. That is also intuitively hearing.

The last common form of intuitive hearing is where you are contemplating a question, or you have this issue floating in your mind, and you receive the answer from a source, whether that be the next sentence in your book or the lyrics to the song that is playing on the radio. And those words jump out to you and answer your question.

Other forms can come visually, like when you see a feather on the ground, and you fixate on that, or a certain number, or the headline of a magazine. These things that your intuition fixates on and guides you towards.

So when it comes to business decision-making, I still look at the numbers and the logic, but I also tune into my instincts, my gut feeling, and let them guide me. Because listening to your heart will inevitably lead you to a place that is right for you and your heart.