Our 10 Favourite Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Today we share our top 10 podcast picks that we think every entrepreneur should listen to learn the ins and outs of business success, crush their goals, and get inspired. Each podcast on this list includes the resources, speakers, and stories new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike can use to boost their brand, confidence and knowledge […]

What’s a Brand Strategy?

Have you ever heard the phrase Brand Strategy before and thought ‘that sounds fancy, I have no idea what that means?’ Well, I want to break that down for you because I must admit, I think it’s a jargon-y sounding phrase that makes brand strategists sound fancy, but it can also intimidate people. I want to tell you what a brand strategy is, why you need it, and where to get started.

Your Dreams can come TRUE with work

This week on The Entrepreneur Success Summit Interview Series, my wonderful guest is Katherine Loranger. Katherine is the founder of Katalyst Coaching, podcaster, best-selling author, speaker, teacher and coach – she asserts to the bold and determined that life is theirs for the taking. Today, Katherine and I have an exciting conversation about the work […]

Get to Know your Brand Story

Today, we are talking about all things Brand Story.

I have three big ideas for you around your brand story, why it matters, and how to figure it out. I know this is a topic that a lot of people have questions about, and there’s also a lot of fear associated with figuring out what your story is, sharing it, and being vulnerable.