Brand Strategy VIP day

Let’s get clear! 

Your brand strategy VIP day is your gateway to clarity for your next business breakthrough!

  • Lean into who you are and what makes you unique
  • Get inside your ideal clients’ heads
  • Set the tone for your magnetic marketing message
  • Integrate and infuse your brand across all you do

Let’s customize your strategy!

The VIP experience is for ambitious leaders
ready to make a big impact!

How does it work?

  • Virtual or in-person strategy session (5-6 hours) with notes/recording (sent to you by the next business day) (*in-person available in Calgary area only)
  • map out your brand strategy using the Magic Brand Formula (™) 
  • lunch delivered from your fav local spot
  • co-created brand guideline document to infuse your uniqueness into your marketing plan (delivered within 7 days)
  • 2 weeks Voxer support following the session
  • 60 minute connection call to send you on your way to integrating your VIP brand strategy!

Only one spot per month available.

You are ready!

Who is this for?

  • You’re already successful and now you’re ready to double down on your growth
  • You have a big vision and you’re ready to see it through

I’m confident that together we can build unstoppable momentum, create SO much clarity in your business, and set you up for long-term growth.

Looking for an expert to teach on branding
or marketing for your business group or program?

We can help!  



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The 3 steps to regain your momentum 👇

1⃣ Make a decision

If it’s time to get the ball rolling again (and you aren’t burnt out and actually just needing a break) then you need to decide what you’re going to do in order to restart your momentum.

What is one action you can take that will feel like momentum to you?

2⃣ Take the action.

You can’t just think about what you want to do, you actually have to do it!

Put it in your calendar and make it happen! #dothething!

3⃣ Make it a habit.

Once and done is not momentum. Create a rhythm for you to do your thing again and again until it’s a habit and you build consistency.

If content creation is where you need to start with rebuilding momentum (it usually is), comment “SCS” and I’ll send you the link to my Simplified Content System.

I’m literally using it right now to help get my own momentum back.

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Tell me I’m not alone with this…

Losing momentum can feel incredibly frustrating.

There are seasons of business where you feel like you’re on a roll and nothing can stop you, and others where you feel stuck and like you don’t know how to get going again.

But you can get it back!

In nearly 6 years of business, I have gone through many momentum cycles and boiled it down to 3 steps you need to take to get your momentum back.

And they’re easier than you might think.

Tune into this special “Entrepreneurship In Real Life” episode to learn more and get your ball rolling again.

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I’ve never met an entrepreneur who didn’t want more income. And I certainly haven’t met a mom in business who didn’t want more impact.

Income and impact, they go hand and hand, right?! 

Yet too often, we get confused when we are taught that we have to choose between income OR impact. We’re told that if we truly want to help people, money shouldn’t matter.

It’s time to call BS on that and instead discover how you can unapologetically have BOTH. 

Money is a powerful tool, when it’s in the hands of women. 

[Did you know that women are 32% more likely to give to charities than men?]

So if we get more money in the hands of more women, imagine how much good we could do in the world! It boggles my brain just thinking about it. 🤯

Recently my friend @allison_hardy_ invited me to be a part of the Income and Impact Summit and because I trust her, of course I said, “Yes!”

(After she explained this part to me…)👇

There are 60 presenters (whoa).

But get this, each presenter is presenting for only 1 minute.

Meaning, you’ll watch the Summit for 60 minutes (in just 2 easier to digest 30 minute videos) and get access to 60 industry experts as they share how they’re most effectively and easily attracting, offering and selling to create 6- and 7-figure businesses, so that you can increase your income and create a bigger impact in your community.

And it’s FREE to watch. I mean….how much of a no brainer is this?! 

You’ve got nothing to lose, and nearly 60 new strategies to gain! 

It all kicks off on March 27, so you gotta get in on this today!

Drop a 💗 below and I’ll get you a link to register for free.
Soak 👏that 👏in. 

Permission to love yourself. 

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This conversation hit me with all the right things at the right time. 

One of the best parts of hosting a podcast is listening beck to the episodes as a listener instead of an interviewer. 

This is an amazing story of the power of colours and how what you wear can change your life. 

But it’s also so much more than that…

Tune into @entrepreneurschoolpodcast wherever you listen!

Thanks to Amy for being by guest! 

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Any guesses what the “one thing” is? Drop in the comments!

I’m excited to speak on this super unique event next week! The format is going to blow your mind! 

When my friend @allison_hardy_ invited me to be part of the Income and Impact summit I was so excited because this is unlike any event you’ve ever been to before!

There are 60 presenters (woah!).

BUT, that’s not even the best part!

Each presenter is only presenting for one minute.

YES! One minute!⏰

Meaning, you’ll be able to consume 60 business building ideas in just 60 minutes.

60 minutes. 60 experts. 60 breakthrough ideas.


You’ll get access to 60 industry experts (that I’m excited to learn from too!) as they share how they’re effectively attracting, offering and selling to create 6- and 7-figure businesses, so that you can increase your income and create a bigger impact in your community.

Drop a 🤯 below and I’ll send you the link to join for FREE!
6 years today.

I miss my mum every day, but I’m thankful for the perspective I gained from the experience of her death.

1 - Life is short. (seriously)

2 - How we spend each day makes a huge impact on our overall happiness

3 - Family is everything

4 - Find more joy in the little moments

I don’t know if I would have ever left my corporate job if it hadn’t been for this tragic moment in my life.

I might not have started a business.

I probably never would have started Entrepreneur School and a podcast! 

So, even though I would give anything to still have her here, I am grateful for what I’ve been able to do in the face of grief. 

#grief #griefjourney #podcast #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship
You work for almost ⅓ of your life.

It’s time to check in and make sure that your work is a source of joy instead of drain.

Does it light you up?

Are you passionate about it?

Do you feel energized at the end of the day?

For the record, I’m not suggesting it’s necessary that you feel like jumping out of bed with excitement every day for your work.

But most of the time, are you pumped about what you do?

Notice if you find yourself saying “I have to” instead of “I get to” when it comes to your work.

What would it take to change that?

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This is a tough week for me on a very personal level. It marks the 6-year anniversary of my mum's passing.

I can hardly believe it's been that long.

Normally, I work really hard to distract myself during this time. Last year, we rebranded the business and launched KS&Co. during this week! 

And I had a whole thing lined up for this year. I was going to run a bootcamp and launch a new program (all about launching), and then casually take March 16th (the anniversary) off work.

Pedal to the floor. No time to feel the feels. 

💣But that blew up in my face. 💣

I found myself in a state of complete overwhelm and burn out. 

And one thing I know about launching is you have to be 100% in the right energy in order to show up and deliver/sell what you're launching.

This was not me. 

So I canceled the bootcamp - refunding people who had already registered.

And now I'm "on strike."

Taking time to rest, not measure my worth based on my outputs, and take inspired action when I feel like it.

So this week I recorded a special podcast episode. 

I am reading the chapter I wrote in a compilation book in 2021 called Creating Impact: The Ultimate Guide for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs.

It's interesting to reflect back on what I wrote two years ago, and remind myself of some good advice I often forget to follow.

I hope you'll find something useful in this episode that can help you look at your own definition of success differently, because I can guarantee that you are successful, even if you don't think it yet.

Write it. Read it. Embed it.
This week on @entrepreneurschoolpodcast we are thrilled to welcome a special guest – Sophie Lechner, a LinkedIn coach who has helped countless professionals harness the power of this powerful platform to advance their careers and achieve their goals.

Tune in to hear how to:

✨unlock the full potential of LinkedIn
✨the importance of being authentic
✨connect with the right people to take your business to the next level

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The answer is: Come to the Simple Launch Secrets Bootcamp and walk out of there with everything you need to turn your idea into INCOME in the next 60 days.

(I’m not bossy tho)

Comment 🚀 and I’ll get you the info.

Or head to my bio if you want to see for yourself!
@lisawebbofficial goes for it!

During our podcast chat on @entrepreneurschoolpodcast, Lisa, founder of @winewomenwellbeing ,told me:

“I would love to say that I sit down and do like annual goal setting and annual business plans. 

I do not do any of that, I strike while the iron’s hot. I do what I can when I feel fiery, I go after things, and when I feel like I need a season of rest, I rest. 

But I don’t have some gigantic game plan.”

You heard it here first, people!

You don’t need a gigantic game plan.

One part fire, one part willingness to try, and you’re set!

Listen in on this episode of the podcast wherever you like to stream. 

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Your new mantra: JUST DO IT!

@nike is really onto something!

Let’s be real about the risks of launching your business, program, digital product - whatever it is.

They’re low.

I get it. You’re worried about “failing.”

What if nobody buys?

Trust me - I’ve had launches where the sales didn’t come close to my goal.

I’ve made some programs that just couldn’t get off the ground.

But they were all stepping stones to get me to where I am now.

They helped me learn what really works when it comes to launching. I now have the formula for what ACTUALLY gets people to buy.

I now know the pieces that were missing when I didn’t hit the mark.

And I want to share it with you!

✨It’s time to take that idea and turn it into income.

✨It’s time to expand and add a new revenue stream to your business!

I’ll hold your hand and show you EXACTLY how to do it! 

🚀Comment “launch” to learn more.
You’re making this way harder than it needs to be! But you don’t have to…

When it comes to turning your ideas into income, here’s what you can ignore:

✖️feeling like you have to craft a 27-step choreographed launch strategy

✖️taking months to research and refine your offer

✖️building every part of your program or service BEFORE you have buyers

✔️Take the energy and excitement you have about your idea and use it as fuel to put it into the world!

✔️Trust that you will deliver great value with your new service or program

✔️Have a rough idea of what the offer looks like, and be flexible as needed

Want a launch roadmap that won’t take you months or leave you pulling your hair out with confusion?

The Simple Launch Secrets Bootcamp is coming March 7-9! Doors open soon.

Drop the 🚀 and I’ll send you details!
You can give yourself countless excuses- but there are no good reasons to not launch. 

It’s time to get your idea out, turn it into income, and build the life you want for your family!

I’ve got your back!

Stay tuned for an invite to the Simple Launch Secrets Bootcamp, coming soon!!

DM me “bootcamp” to get early access!

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Reminder: you will “fail.”

But you’re not a failure.

If you took 2 minutes to think about the top things you think you failed at, I bet you would quickly see them as lessons.

I once did an exercise where I set a timer for 30 minutes and wrote down everything I considered a success in my life.

A short while into it, I noticed I was writing down things that were really hard that I had got through.

✨My mum’s chronic illnesses for most of my life
✨A 3-year long-distance relationship with my now husband 
✨Writing a college exam after while my mum was in the ICU
✨Giving birth to my daughters (almost 10lbs each!)

And, of course, starting my business instead of going back to my corporate job.

So, think about it. What’s one thing that you did that was super hard, but made you stronger?

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“You will fail. It’s a requirement.”

Actually, there’s no such thing as failing. 

There’s only learning and growing.

Coming up with new ideas, putting new things out there and trying new things will help you learn and grow FASTER.

And you build resilience along the way.

That’s the key to entrepreneurship.

Adopt a “willing to fail” attitude and you’ll do more, learn more and earn more as a result!

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#WomenEmpowerment #WomenBusinessOwners #FemaleEntrepreneur #WomenInBusiness #FemaleBusinessOwner #EntrepreneurLife #FemaleFounders #WomenFounders #WomenWhoLead #WomenInLeadership #WomenStartups #WomenInEntrepreneurship