How to consistently get new leads to grow your business with 6 proven strategies!

Eight Days Only! September 12-20


How to consistently get new leads to grow your business with 6 proven strategies!

Eight Days Only! September 12-20




Don’t want you to know…

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to getting visible and growing your business. 

So, we’re bringing you insights from 6 marketing pros to help you create your own plan.

It’s like a visibility “choose your own adventure!”

When you listen to this EXCLUSIVE private podcast party, you’ll learn the EXACT strategies you can use to:

  • Land interviews on your dream podcasts so you can expand your influence and authority, reach new audiences, and generate leads
  • Feel T-Swift level confidence when you putting yourself out there on social media
  • Create authentic, head-nodding copy that cuts through the noise and leads to “how can I work with you” DMs
  • Navigate the ever-evolving social media landscape and boost your engagement to turn followers into clients
  • Save hours of precious time when it comes to content creation
  • Squash your insecurities and shine on video and beyond!

This is your roadmap to MAXIMUM VISIBILITY with MINIMAL STRESS.

How it works

Here's the best part!

There’s an art and a science to getting visible that has a tangible impact on your business growth.

And inside of this Private Podcast Party, we’re diving into the strategies AND the mindset that unlock both what to do and how to make yourself do it. 

Because we all know that it’s one thing to have a plan. It’s another to take action.

This audio event is your first step to taking incredible, intentional action toward growing your business in Q4! 

And you can do it all while folding laundry, walking the dog or waiting in the school pickup line!


Meet your host, Kelly Sinclair

Visibility Coach, Award-Winning Marketer and Brand Strategist. Founder of the Entreperneur School podcast.

When I first started my business, I was nervous to put myself out there.

What do you even say at a networking event?

Do I really need an Instagram page?

How do I make my own website?

I overthought EVERTHING, and man did that slow down my progress.

It wasn’t until I started TAKING ACTION that I learned what visibility strategies were going to work for me to help me land clients, create an audience and build a brand as the go-to expert in my niche.

Armed with my 15+ years working in marketing and communications, including 6 years as an entrepreneur, I’m here to help passionate small business owners maximize their visibility so they can build a successful business that supports their dream life.

If that’s you, let’s be friends!

meet our amazing experts!

Melissa Mitchell is the Owner of Wandermint Creative, a YouTube video marketing agency & coaching business. She helps female service providers & coaches scale their online business using YouTube to build an organic lead engine that fuels their sales funnels with consistent best-fit leads. Her goal is to help you create simple, repeatable and scalable systems that make video content creation and lead generation a breeze.

Jenny Suneson is a podcast strategist and the founder of the podcast management and marketing agency Savvy Podcast Agency. The Savvy Podcast Agency helps entrepreneurs launch and grow their podcasts and start turning their listeners into leads.

Ang Doyon is a visual marketing strategist who helps small business owners create content, market their offers and feel confident in their biz with no bulls*** advice or cheesy sales tactics.

Laura Lopuch is a cold email maverick. She helps service providers and solopreneurs send cold and partnership pitch emails that get new clients without the sleaze or big-time suck. Four months after launching her business, she grew it by 1400% and signed a $20,000 client from just cold emails. She has since helped her clients get their next big $10k or $42k client with cold emails, using her powerful ‘The Relevancy Method.’

Colleen Florendo is a copywriter and messaging expert who works with high-ticket online coaches. Her copy has generated $130k launches for her clients. She is more than just a word nerd. Colleen has a unique approach to copywriting where she leverages a mix of data, marketing psychology, and personality to help businesses like yours, increase brand awareness, establish credibility and make sales.

Stacey Watts is a social media coach and content strategist with over 10 years of experience in social media management. She is the founder of Stacey on Social and the #BehindtheContent Social Club, where she helps businesses and individuals improve their social media presence and create engaging content.

You won’t find these conversations anywhere else!

This is a rare opportunity to get insider secrets from top marketing professionals who are handing you the tools and strategies to grow your business FAST!

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