want to build a brand as the “go-to” in your space, but don’t have a large or engaged audience yet?

What’s the ONLY difference between a Visibility Plan plan that you can rinse and repeat, knowing it consistently grows your audience and attracts dream clients into your world… 

And one that makes you ugly cry in your car, start updating your resume, and feel like a total failure when you spend hours creating reels for Instagram, only to get 4 likes and 0 comments?

Let’s discuss…

If you’re thinking: Posting more on social media (have to beat that algorithm!)  …. You’d be wrong.

If you guessed: Omnipresence – (need to create a presence in more places) … Not true!

If you’re thinking: Casting a wider net so you can bring in more clients … that’s actually backwards.

And you’re not alone to think or have tried those things.

Experimenting with different visibility strategies is part of the process.

And the truth is: if you don’t build an audience, you won’t have anyone to buy from you.

So, unless you commit to consistent, relationship-based visibility, and unlock a customized formula for building your brand as a the “go-to” in your field, you will continue to feel like your marketing efforts are taking you one step forward and two steps back  – or worse – keeping you the best kept secret in your industry where you’re not able to make an impact with your expertise.

What if instead…

Daaaaamn – sounds good, right?

Good news:

I’ve built the blueprint for your customized Visibility Plan that will take you from “never heard of her” to Taylor Swift status in your industry! 

As a seasoned professional with years of experience in your field, why does it feel like you’re starting from scratch now that you’re out on your own?

You SHOULD be able to find clients that you can support and transform with your unique gifts, and you DESERVE to have a consistent income from your business.

Let’s be real…

You aren’t looking to add thousands of Instagram followers every week or to *actually* become Taylor Swift-level famous.


You just want to make an impact on the people you know you can help by fulfilling your brand’s mission and sharing your skills and expertise.


You want to become well-known for what you do so that you get to do more of what you’re passionate about!


You want a business that lights you up, with clients you love and who flow to you – AND you’re not interested in burning yourself out trying to be everywhere ALL THE TIME.

But you have to step out from behind the curtain and into the spotlight!

If you don’t talk about your business, you don’t have a business. Building an audience is the only way you will create a reputation for yourself and find clients to work with.

You don’t have to be a professional marketer or hire a marketing company to get your name out there. Most of my clients tell me they’re “not marketers” or “not good at marketing” before we start working together.

It’s possible to become well-known without engaging in marketing strategies that make you want to pull your hair out! Not social media savvy? No problem! There are so many other ways to reach and connect with your potential clients.

In 15 years of working in PR and marketing, I’ve never written the same plan twice!

Kelly Branding Web-106

Your potential income is not tied to the size of your audience, but the amount of qualified people within it. 

Aligning your message with a specific target audience to help you become known for ONE THING first will make all the difference here. I used to tell people I did “PR and marketing for small businesses.” That’s when getting clients was an uphill battle for me!


And building your Visibility Plan in real time, as you experiment with what works for you, is 100% possible. I took my business on a Visibility Tour for 60 days and more than doubled my audience. 

So I leaned into what worked and have continued to add hundreds of qualified leads to my audience each month ever since! (There’s a good chance that’s why you’re here!)

Here are 4 Absolute Lies you MUST let go of right now…

if you want to build a brand as THE go-to expert in your field, create a steady stream of ideal clients, and experience more consistency in the next 8 weeks than you did all of last year

“I know I need to promote myself, but I’m too busy juggling all of the other roles I have to play in my company of one.”

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and it’s so easy to get distracted by all of the behind-the-scenes “work” that you could be doing. From admin to professional development, there are dozens of tasks competing for your time.

But getting more visible is what moves the needle to getting more eyeballs on your business and more clients through the door. It’s what actually pays the bills.

“Social media doesn’t work. I’ve tried creating content and all I get is crickets.”

Social media is only part of the puzzle when it comes to gaining visibility and building an audience. You don’t want to build your whole business on this borrowed land, but it can be a great tool for testing your messaging and connecting with people. When you create a custom Visibility Plan, you will discover how to integrate social media in a way that works for your individual business.

“Before I can get more visible I need to _____" (insert your current other priority here)

Ah, the age-old “cart before the horse” dilemma. Here’s the thing: Action creates momentum. And taking small, strategic actions towards growing your visibility on a daily basis IS going to create results faster and help you make decisions about what actually works for your business.

As per the motto of my childhood 4-H club: “Learn to do by doing.” 

“There are so many other people who do what I do. How can I really stand out as the go-to expert?"

While it’s true that there’s no such thing as a truly new idea, you’re overlooking the ONE thing that makes you stand out from the crowd no matter what: you’re you.

This is the most important factor of your brand. You have your own unique experience, story and perspectives; All of which shape the way you bring your skills to the table and the amazing, one-of-a-kind experience you can create for your clients! And it’s time for you to own it!

So how do you make this happen?

glad you asked!

The most effective way to build your audience and establish yourself as the “go-to” in your industry, is with the Visibility Tour Method. 

Technology has afforded us countless options when it comes to the way we can promote our businesses. But the sheer amount of platforms and tactics out there causes marketing overwhelm, resulting in jumping from one strategy to another and ultimately being inconsistent. 


A waste of time and energy.


But what if we looked at visibility NOT as a box we need to check off, but as the key to creating a sustainable flow of clients that allow us to do what we are most passionate about and even get paid for it?


And what if…


You as the business owner could feel empowered to step into the spotlight, promote yourself and build your brand as top in its class?

Marketing is a learned skill. Visibility is a priority. And you are the secret sauce behind it all!


A customizable visibility plan for service-based entrepreneurs to consistently grow an audience and become the go-to brand in your niche.

(because you are a BadA$$ at what you do and more people need your gifts!)


Your complete guide book to discovering the visibility strategies that work best for your unique brand, so you can confidently step into the spotlight for your business and double your audience in under 60 days.

You’ll love The Visibility Revolution as much as your fav Taylor Swift song if:

You want to become the go-to in your field by sharing your expertise as a service-provider, consultant, course creator, coach or speaker.

I will confidently tell you I’ve cracked the code on a framework that will work for your unique business.

Here’s the backstage pass to how this program works:

Imagine a digital course and a challenge had a baby. That’s TVR.

You’ll learn the how to’s while implementing at the same time! Practice makes progress, right?


  • 8 weeks of stacking curriculum (released weekly to reduce overwhelm) that will walk you through building your Visibility Plan using my signature “Visibility Tour Method” and all of the pieces you need to:
    • create effective content
    • capture leads (aka start and grow an email list)
    • systematize your visibility (I’ve got your back for simple tech solutions)
    • and measure results. 
  • Weekly visibility action challenge – like a fitness challenge (without the burpees), you’ll implement 3-5 simple actions each week that will move the needle in your biz. Plus they take less than 10 min/day!
  • A community space for asking questions and getting feedback.
  • Tools & templates to infuse into your promo strategy


🥳️A customized Visibility Plan you can use on repeat to attract your dream clients

🥳️A new lead magnet to build your email list with ease

🥳️A personalized file of visibility tools at your fingertips (your bio, headshot, company overview, etc.)

🥳️A repeatable system for creating content that doesn’t take you hours a week

🥳️A cheatsheet of tech to simplify your visibility expansion

jUST #dothething

Ok, now that you’re all excited, let’s make sure we vibe!

Hey, I’m Kelly!

When I’m not running my two girls around to hockey and gymnastics practice, I’m a Visibility Coach and your Fairy Brand-Mother. Also an award-winning marketer and brand strategist (no big deal *hair flip*).


I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2017 following a career in PR, where I climbed that corporate ladder for over 10 years.


Fast forward to now → There’s nothing I love more than being in charge of my own schedule (cuz kids get home from school at 2:30 and have activities at 4 – WTF?) There’s no world where I can ever see myself working for someone else again. 


I lost my mum to breast cancer in 2017, and that triggered a deep awareness of how short life really is. Time is precious, so therefore work must be a source of joy, not drain.


And when I decided to start my business, I knew I wanted to support other entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they do, but just don’t know how to promote themselves in a way that translates into leads, clients and money.


It’s taken years of trial and error to figure out the best way to stand out in a saturated online space, and what it comes down to is building an authentic brand (and I don’t use that buzz word lightly).


So, if you’re this far down the page, then I feel like we click, and I’d love to support you in growing your brand and getting MASSIVE VISIBILITY so you can make your passion-based business an epic success!

Your ticket to consistent visibility and simplified audience building is waiting for you!

bring it on!

This program is designed to help service providers and coaches (with online or offline businesses) build a repeatable visibility plan that consistently brings in hyper-targeted leads so you can grow your audience faster.

Let’s recap everything that comes with The Visibility Revolution

your bff for getting visible af!

On-demand training to boost your visibility ($1,497 Value)

Delivered in an intentionally-paced flow so that you can implement and build your visibility assets at a manageable pace over 60 days.

Weekly Visibility Challenges ($997 VALUE)

You can knock these out in around 10 min/day to build your momentum and start seeing results quickly.

Visibility toolkit ($497 Value)

My top tools, templates and systems that I actually use in my own business to keep you organized and simplify your visibility.

support community ($297 VALUE)

Q&A support plus a community of other business owners to work through the program together.


The Visibility Vault - value $297

My personal collection of where I search for opportunities to promote myself that have led to securing podcast appearances, guest trainings, speaking opportunities and collaborations that have more than doubled my email list (in under 60 days!)

$100 savings for a limited time!

Use coupon code TVR2024MC at checkout

That's over $3,500 of value!

flexible payment options

Payment Plans

Here to help your cash flow!
JUST 2x $375 USD
  • Save $247 until Oct.3, 2023
  • 2xBONUS group Q&A calls
  • BONUS access to The Visibility Vault

Pay in Full

Best value!
  • Save $300 until Oct.3, 2023
  • 2xBONUS group Q&A calls
  • BONUS access to The Visibility Vault

Payment Plans

4 monthly payments
$277 x 4 months USD
  • 8 week self-study curriculum
  • Weekly visibility challenges
  • The Visibility Toolkit
  • BONUS access to The Visibility Vault (Value $297)
  • BONUS 2 LIVE Q&A Calls with Kelly (Value $497)
  • BONUS save $100!

Pay in Full

Save 12%
  • 8 week self-study curriculum
  • Weekly visibility challenges
  • The Visibility Toolkit
  • BONUS access to The Visibility Vault (Value $297)
  • BONUS 2 LIVE Q&A Calls with Kelly (Value $497)
  • BONUS Save $100!

Here's the week by week plan:

Determine your core theme based on the offer you want to promote.

Start your visibility action challenge!

Map out different ways to talk about your topic that builds awareness and interest with your ideal audience. Access The Simplified Content System to plot when, where and what you’ll be sharing.

*continue your visibility challenge

In under a week you will build a new resource (with the help of AI) to add value to your audience and start building your email list!

*continue your visibility challenge

Push yourself out of your comfort zone by taking on a new and more challenging visibility strategy. Think live video, podcast guesting or maybe even media pitching!

*continue your visibility challenge

Now that you have started collecting opportunities, you need a set of materials at your fingertips to make it easier to continue growing your visibility. Examples include: your bio, headshot, description of your lead magnet. You’ll get access to your checklist and templates to keep everything a click away!

*continue your visibility challenge

All of this visibility simply can’t live in your head! Learn my best practices for tracking, following-up and leveraging your visibility!

*continue your visibility challenge (yes, still doing this!)

Because life happens and we want to make sure you have time to finish up any of the pieces you might not have gotten to yet. 

*continue your visibility challenge (5x/week now!)

Learn how to track your results, share your wins and use that momentum to skyrocket your business!

*continue your visibility challenge (it’s a habit now, really!)


Real entrepreneurs sharing their feedback

Play Video

“I can’t sing my praises enough! The transformation was huge and I’m so grateful for the journey. I highly recommend Kelly and any coaching program that she has to offer. If you get to work with her 1-1, count yourself lucky!” 

 – Chelsea K

Stacey shares about taking a simple action (like the ones I share in this program) and how it struck up work with a previous client for her!


When do I get access to the program?

You get immediate access to the first week of material.  I’ll send you a confirmation email with the link to your private course space so you can create your account. Then, it will drip out one week at a time over 8 weeks.

How long can I keep access to the program?

Forever! Plus, you get any updates I make as this program evolves over time.

What is the challenge part all about?

Every week, you’ll be challenged to take 3-5 visibility actions (from my list of more than 30 proven strategies). This helps you to build momentum and create results faster.

How much time do I need to dedicate to this?

I know you’re busy! That’s why I designed this program to fit into your schedule easily. The challenge component will take less than 10 min/day. Some weeks there is additional training and homework that could take up to 2 hours, but there is lots of implementation and catch up time built in.

Do you have a guarantee?

What I guarantee is that when you show up and do the work, you will see results! And I’m willing to give you 30 days to try it out. Within 30 days from purchase, if you’re not satisfied with your results, you can get a refund. All I ask is that you show me you did the work from the program.

What if I have more questions?

I’m here for you! Just shoot me an email at kelly@ksco.ca or DM on IG and we can chat!

Money back promise

for action takers

Within 30 days from purchase, if you’re not satisfied with your results, you can get a refund. All I ask is that you show me you did the work from the program.