Launching doesn't have to be so complicated.

Give me 3 hours and I’ll show you the simple launch secrets to turning your idea into income (in under 60 days)!

Even if…

  • you’ve never launched before
  • you don’t have a big audience
  • you don’t know where to start

The Simple Launch Secrets Bootcamp will walk you through the 5 steps of my Simple Launch Roadmap, to get you ready to create AND launch your next revenue stream in under 60 days!

(like BEFORE your kids are off school for the summer!)

It’s time to turn your idea into INCOME so that you can create your dream life for your family! 

Let’s face it…


🚀Launch the business.

🚀Create the program.

🚀Build the course.

🚀Add a new service package.

And you’re nervous. (totally normal BTW)

I’m here to tell you that if you’re reading this, you CAN DO THIS!

AND it will take work.

Entrepreneurship is not for people who want to take the easy path. 

But you’re an ambitious, driven woman who wants to create an amazing life of FREEDOM for her family.

And now you have a cheerleader (me) to help you make sure it happens.

I’m inviting you to spend 3 hours 100% focused on your business growth where you can walk away with an idea you’re over the moon excited about AND the action plan to launch and sell it!

All for less than your daily latte. 

It’s a no brainer.

Fact: People can’t buy from you if you don’t make them an offer.

Remember that IG audio? “You have to talk about your business to have a business.” 

100% true.

But knowing what you’re talking about, how to confidently sell it and what your launch plan looks like is a different story, right? 

When I launched my business as a consultant, I used to tell people “I do PR and marketing for small businesses.” 


It wasn’t until I learned how to create and launch offers that created a specific outcome or result, that I increased my clients, my confidence and my income. And you can too.

You're invited to

New dates coming soon

(because I know you have kids to pick up and take somewhere! Mom sherpas are the real MVPs!)

This bootcamp is EVERYTHING YOU NEED to go from idea –> income without the stress or overcomplicated launch plan.

Day 1:

Your Irresistible Offer

I’ll show you THE SECRET on how to get paid to create your irresistible offer (even if you’ve never sold anything online before).

We’re not wasting any time! On Day 1 we will walk through:

Day 2:

The Simple Launch Strategy

SECRET #2: Why you don't actually need a big audience or a ton of tech experience to launch successfully.

On Day 2, I’ll walk you through the uncomplicated and accelerated approach to launching that will boost your revenue faster.

I’ll show you:

Day 3:

Sales Secrets

Secret #3: You don’t have to be a naturally good marketer to get people to buy from you. Everything is learnable.

Here’s where you go from nervous to excited about launching your thing!

We’ll cover:

What’s an “irresistable offer,” Kelly? 

It’s the way you package your expertise into products, services and deliverables or tools that adds SO MUCH VALUE to your ideal clients, that they can’t wait to buy it! 

If you’re not already convinced this could be the best $17 you’ll ever spend, allow me to sweeten the pot.

don't miss out on these Special bonuses:

The Ultimate Offer Builder Tool - Value $97

Quickly create an offer that gets your clients to hand over their credit card with this drag and drop tool.

Confidence on Camera Masterclass - Value $37

Never fear making a video again when you learn my "S.H.I.N.E" method for showing up with confidence to become the authority on your topic!

Momentum training - VALUE $97

That's $231 of value Just for the bonuses!

Being an entrepreneur is a true gift. 

As a mom, running my own business is the #1 reason I have the freedom and flexibility to not need childcare, walk my kids to school and take them to all their after school activities. 

I get to show up as the mom I want to be, while still being able to use my skills to make an impact and feel purposeful contribution in my life.

And launching is what has allowed me to build a business around my family.

jUST #dothething

New here? I’m Kelly! 

Award-winning marketer. Brand and visibility strategist. Queen of taking messy action (#dothething) and girl-mom of 2.

When I lost my mum to breast cancer, I learned the hard way that life is short. And I became obsessed with making sure I didn’t spend mine doing things that didn’t bring me joy.

So I made it my mission to help other moms start and grow their own businesses so they can make an income and impact while still keeping their family a priority. 

Since 2017, I’ve coached and trained hundreds (probably thousands) of entrepreneurs on branding, marketing and launching their ideas and how to get out of their own way in the process.

You’re next!