what if you could create $100K in revenue your way, without working more than 30 hours a week...

Even if you aren’t getting engagement on social media, you’re not sure about your next step, or you have imposter syndrome. 

It’s possible. 

You don’t have to fit into someone else’s box, follow their “step-by-step” blueprint.

You don’t have to create a business model you aren’t in love with. 

You are different. 

Your brand is different. 

So, you need a different plan that’s 100% unique to you. And I can show you the way. 


  • Know where you want to go and be able to create your own roadmap for how to get there.

  • Understand what makes you stand out from the crowd.

  • Step into your expertise and OWN your brand!

You’re already on the right path.

You made the decision to start your business! 

And, despite your fears and uncertainties, you started doing it anyway! 

You’ve seen some success. You’ve made some sales and you have that inner knowing that this business is what you were made to do. 

It feels like your calling. Your purpose.

Now it’s time to take it to the next level. 

But with that new level, comes new challenges. New fears to walk through. New decisions to make.


Here’s the thing: you’ve already decided there’s no turning back. You’re all in! And I’m here jumping up and down excited for you!

You’re ready to dream bigger. 

There was a moment when I shifted from just wanting to cover my child care expenses, to wanting to build a 7-figure empire! 

You know what I’m talking about! (Did I just take an excerpt from your journal?)

Let’s talk about where you are at now:

All you need now is some support to refine your strategies and get crystal clear on your plan so that you can step forward with confidence and create that $100K business you’re dreaming of!

The one where you only work with clients that light you up. 

The one that feels easy and flows. 

The one that you build around your life so that you can always prioritize what matters most to you.


Whatever it is for YOU. 

You have your own definition of success.

There was a time when making six-figures seemed so out of reach. 

But not anymore! 

You just need the roadmap to get you there ASAP. 

The messaging, the offer suite, the BOMB AF branding to bring in those perfect-fit clients. 

That’s what’s here for you inside $100K Your Way!

This isn’t just another coaching program. 

And you don’t have to come to three calls a week to get results. 

This is your personalized, custom-made roadmap to hitting the six-figure mark! 



The brand elevation experience you need
to confidently step into your Ceo shoes
and grow your business
to $100K and beyond!

Inside $100K YOUR WAY, we will walk through all four parts of this framework, complete with 1:1 support, strategy and done-for-you brand visuals to truly elevate you as you step confidently into your role as a CEO.

Introducing... (3)

private brand and marketing coaching
paired with done-for-you design services
and a side of group support.

brand strategy vip day

Step into your CEO shoes with a VIP strategy day to set the stage for your next-level brand elevation.

✓Lean into who you are and what makes you unique

✓ Get inside your ideal clients’ heads so you can make more sales

✓ Set the tone for magnetic marketing messaging


Imagine a coach in your back pocket, ready to review your work and answer your questions ON YOUR OWN SCHEDULE!

✓Private coaching via Loom so you can send your questions or get material feedback via video (up to once per week)

✓Voxer access to verbalize and talk through anywhere else you might be stuck (unlimited* excluding holidays)


Turn the brand you’re dreaming about into your reality with a custom-designed graphic package, just for you!

*Exact details to be determined based on your VIP day.

May include one of the following:

✓Elevated brand identity – colour/font system, brand board and guidelines

✓ Website refresh

✓ Custom template package for social media, YouTube, courses, etc. 


In this LIVE accountability group, you will find the support and encouragement you need to implement the actions of the challenge. Ask your questions and make new business besties along the way. 


✓ Six months of access to weekly accountability coaching calls hosted by Kelly 

✓ Live Zoom Q&A to ask your questions and get unstuck

✓ A group of other entrepreneurs working through the challenge alongside you

*This is a limited time offer!


Brand Strategy VIP Day - Value $3,500

Fast-track your clarity with this private intensive session to walk through defining your brand, your dream clients and your offers.

Private Coaching - Value $10,000

6 months of access to private coaching on your own schedule. We’ll use Loom and Voxer to go back and forth to answer your questions and help you take action!

Visual Brand Elevation - Value $4,500

Done for you visual package to take your brand to the next level.

Accountability Group - Value $6,000

6 months of weekly group calls for accountability and implementation. You’re not doing this alone! 

BONUSES TO accelerate your success

2x60 min 1:1 calls with kelly - Value $997​

Use these any time during your six months to walk through a launch plan, map out an offer or get unstuck.

Lifetime access to the messy action challenge - Value $452

Your visibility plan made simple, complete with Canva templates, reels inspiration and a confidence on camera masterclass.

Marketing on Purpose mini course - Value $297

Confidently create your custom marketing plan, and never hesitate about where to market your business again!

brand message mastery digital course - Value $397

Go from chasing business and saying yes to everyone, to magnetically attracting perfect-fit clients you are confident about helping.

DECEMBER 7&14, 2022

Total value of more than $26,000!

But, what’s my investment?

I’ve spent nearly $100,000 to learn what I can share with you inside this program.

But you don’t have to do that.

When you join $100K Your Way, you’re getting the culmination of 35+ years of communications and design experience from our team, topped with over five years of entrepreneurial trials and lessons learned. 

We have helped our clients win marketing and branding awards at the provincial and national levels. They’ve created new revenue streams and increased their cash flow by 2-4x in a matter of months. 

$100K Your Way is designed to help you earn six-figures (or more) in revenue in the next year. 
Your investment of $10,000 over 6 months, will help you learn how to make $10,000 for 12 months of the year. 

Once you apply and talk with our team, you will have the option to sign up for monthly installments of $1,678 or make a single payment of $10,000.

this is Your *custom* roadmap to making $100K your way

Sounds great- but why should you trust me?

I've been working with Kelly for over two years, and intend to continue indefinitely!

Her help to clarify what I really wanted out of my business, as well as my messaging and offers, has resulted in more consistent, recurring income and a larger impact.

And it's wonderful to have her cheering me on - no longer am I the only one on my team, I always look forward to sharing the wins with Kelly! 

Kendra Gale

Course Creator, Miniature Horsemanship

Kelly's VIP day was well worth the money and more! It blew us away in the best possible way. 

Before the VIP day we were feeling very lost, unclear and unsure what direction we really wanted and needed to go. We had a muddled brand statement and vision. Through the VIP day, Kelly took everything we said (even things we didn't say, but she somehow figured out) and came back to us with such clarity and vision.

Our biggest takeaways were what our true core values, brand statement and focus for our communications (internal and external) are. We now have a brand and communicate we are proud of and can communicate clearly to our team and guests. I would highly recommend Kelly and her VIP day to anyone already in business or starting out.

Marni Beninger

Owner, The Awakened Lifestyle

Kelly is officially my best experience of coaching and it was online!!! 

This journey was exactly what I needed and wanted during a time when the world seemed so unpredictable.

Organized and clear coaching delivery. Fun and intentional time with someone who cared.

100 % focused on my needs not my wants which is super important.

Paries Johnson

Life Coach

Introducing... (5)

Award-winning marketer. Brand Strategist. Small-town, girl mom of 2.

I did the corporate thing for over 10 years, climbing the ladder and building a successful career in PR, managing reputations for global companies.

After losing my mum to breast cancer in 2017, I became immensely aware of how short life really is. And when you experience loss like that, you think about life differently. It made me realize how important it is to do what you love and spend time on what really matters. 

That’s why I started my own business, supporting other entrepreneurs chasing their dreams and passions. 

You deserve to be successful in your business! I want you to make your dreams come true!

I’m your Fairy Brand-mother! And I’m here, waving the magic wand to give you the confidence, guidance and support you need to get to your next level of success. 

With an authentic brand and the right marketing strategy customized to you, you will feel unstoppable momentum to make your passion a success!

You're ready if

this is not for you if

Lock in special pricing and access to bonuses.
Available to founding members only.

What’s standing in the way of your first (or next) 100K?

Making the decision to take your business to the next level is no joke. It’s hard enough to convince yourself that you can really make this work, let alone all of the people around you that question what you’re doing.

But when you invest in yourself, you create the support system you need to put on the blinders and step forward with authority to make your big dreams come true.

When you click the “APPLY FOR $100K YOUR WAY” button, you’ll fill out a short questionnaire to share some information with our team. 

If you’re a great fit for this program, we’ll reach out to connect with you about what getting started looks like.

No sleazy sales tactics. No high-pressure situations. Just a conversation to make sure this is exactly what you need and that we are the right team to help you.